Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector SPF 42 Sunscreen Review

Really like this oil-free/alcohol-free physical & chemical sunscreen for my oily skin. You have to shake the bottle before applying which is not a big deal. Leaves a bit of a white cast but after applying makeup it’s not noticeable at all. Very lightweight, great under makeup. No flaking/pilling when layering other products on.

This is my favorite sunscreen for my face. It works really well under makeup. It has a lightweight liquid consistency, and doesn’t pill when I use it with other products. I put this over my moisturizer and acne medication (my dermatologist prescribed me a cream for daytime use), but before I put on foundation.

I have pale-ish skin, so I don’t really notice a white cast like others have said. But I also only really wear this under my makeup so that could be why.

This is a really good, but not perfect facial sunscreen for sensitive skin. Its best features are probably how gentle it is, and its consistency. However for the cost I’d expect a little more.

May not be great on dehydrated skin as it does cling a bit to dry skin so you gotta moisturize real nice like you should. If you don’t need oil control then any other sunscreen is as good.

I’m allergic to sunlight and have a bad reaction to most sunscreens, but I love swimming and the outdoors. Before I found this sunscreen, I’d just try to suck it up and deal with the burning and redness that other sunscreens caused, and I’d inevitably still wind up with a sunburn somehow (and wind up deathly ill), no matter how much and how carefully I applied. I took this Shiseido with me on a river trip where I was in and out of the water and outside all day, only reapplied once throughout the day, and I did not burn and it did not irritate my skin at all.

I actually used this regularly, not only on my face, but also on a fresh tattoo without any hint of irritation. Such a relief from standard sunscreens that actually feel like they’re burning my face. It’s a very thin, milky consistency that spreads and absorbs easily without feeling oily. Oh and it’s water resistant so it sticks around even when you get sweaty. Didn’t cause breakouts either. It has a light but pleasant enough smell, with that classic zinc undertone.

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