Shiseido Legendary Enmei Ultimate Luminance Serum Review

Formulated to improve the quality of skin, Shiseido’s Future Solutions LX Legendary Enmei Ultimate Luminance Serum reflects an unprecedented amount of luminance on the surface.

This luxurious face serum is formulated from the Enmei herb, hand-picked from Japan’s lush nature on tenshanichi, the most auspicious day of the Japanese calendar. Treasured Green Silk encourages the vitalizing forces that renew beautifully looking skin.

A combination of traditional Japanese aesthetics, breakthrough technology, and ancient botanical wonders make this serum the most precious for improving skin quality.

A luxury serum with legendary botanicals. Renews resilience, reveals luminosity. A premium facial serum formulated with precious Japanese ingredients, Enmei Herb and Green Treasured Silk. The luxurious serum helps to renew skin quality. Supple, glowing and hydrated, the signs of improvement are felt the next morning.

Day upon day, skin feels radiant, resilient and moisturized. Its deep luminosity is revealed from within. Effective ingredients, generously infused. A legendary formula that improves luminosity and reveals new dimension of luster. Mount Koya is rich in nature’s abundant power.

It was in the mountain’s green foothills that SHISEIDO researchers re-discovered the legendary botanical treasure, Enmei herb, fabled for its anti-aging properties.

Nurtured in the lush mountain forests, Green Treasured Silk is believed to have been first cultivated by the Japanese Empress, creating the divine materials with exquisite lustre.

SHISEIDO technology extracts the quintessence of Green Treasured Silk, to energize skin with the dewy mask of translucent aurora.

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