Shiseido Legendary Enmei Ultimate Renewing Cream Review

This Shiseido Future Solution LX Legendary Enmei Ultimate Renewing Cream targets multiple signs of aging and reveals supple and rejuvenated skin in just 1 week.

Formulated with Legendary Enmei Complex and SublimActive to support the natural cycle of cellular turnover, this face cream renews skin straight from the source. Twelve highly effective ingredients minimise signs of aging to give your skin a beautiful, vibrant and radiant look.

Formulated to improve the quality of your skin throughout every layer to reflect a luminous result on the surface – for that coveted glow from within, if you will – the Future Solution LX Legendary Enmei cream comes courtesy of Shiseido.

It targets 12 signs of ageing through its holistic approach; you’ll notice your skin become smoother in texture and more energetic and firmer in appearance.

The blend of unique ingredients promises to light up your skin’s luminosity factor within weeks. And in case you’re not in on the secret, the powers lie within the prized Enmei herb and its potent healing powers used by Japanese monks centuries ago.

It grows in the sacred forests of Mount Koya, and Shiseido studies show Enmei herb heals and regenerates ageing skin. Simultaneously, treasured green silk, spun by the Japanese oak moths, pale green in colour, it has a brilliant lustre.

The silk pods produce a featherweight fibre; that, once whipped into this luxurious cream, it puts the spring back into your complexion as well as an enviable glow.


Primary Technology

  • Legendary Enmei Complex comprised of Legendary Enmei Herb and Green Treasured Silk work to protect the skin from damage for beautiful, vital skin.
  • SublimActive comprised of camelia seed extract helps support the natural cycle of cellular turnover Secondary Technology Secondary  Technology
  • Multi-aging solution featuring twelve effective ingredients help prevent and visibly correct twelve specific skin concerns.
  • Rarified sensorial experience through the Renewing Beauty Method, as well as added elements of bamboo, Japanese camellia, and wisteria for a calming and immersive skincare experience.

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